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October 20,2018 | victoria bc

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About Me

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my page to learn about me, my work in the community, and why I want to represent you as a city councillor and CRD director.

Since I was elected in 2014, I’ve had the honour of waking up each day and working hard to make positive changes for our city. Working alongside residents and community organizations, I’ve been an effective advocate for affordable living, sustainability, and building a healthy and inclusive community.

As a councillor, I’ve worked hard to be accessible, pragmatic, and action-oriented. On any given day you can find me in coffee shops or at community events listening to the ideas and concerns of residents, and then working with those residents to find solutions. I pride myself on being honest and hardworking. I would be honoured to continue to work on your behalf.

There’s a lot going right in Victoria. The tech sector is booming, the unemployment rate is down, the bridge is finally built, and retail vacancy rates are lower than they’ve been in years. This economic boom is incredible, but it is not working for the majority of residents. We are facing an acute affordability crisis that is causing great insecurity for many people. As a renter and someone who wants to raise a family in Victoria, I feel this insecurity first hand on a daily basis. I don’t want to have to move out of Victoria to raise a family: I believe Victoria should be a City where families can thrive. For the past four years, I’ve led the charge on Council to create affordable housing, tame speculation in the housing market, and make sure that residential properties are used as homes. So much more work needs to be done so that everyone has access to affordable and appropriate housing and so that our economic growth doesn’t leave people behind.

I’ve also worked hard to make our community more vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable. I’ve worked with people with lived experiences of accessibility challenges to create the City’s Accessibility Working Group and to lock in annual funding for accessibility upgrades for City infrastructure and facilities. I’ve pushed for increased City support for community centres, food security initiatives, and local arts and culture festivals. I’ve also worked to make our City more safe and inclusive by bringing forward motions to create the City’s first Youth Strategy and the City’s first Transgender Equity and Inclusion Policy.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my vision for the city and for taking an interest in Victoria municipal politics. We may not agree on every issue but I hope you’ll find value in what I bring to City Council. I hope I can count on your votes for City Council and CRD Board on October 20th.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more in person please get in touch. During the campaign and as your Councillor, I am available to chat and to listen.

Councillor Jeremy Loveday




Since I was elected in 2014, I’ve had the honour of waking up each day and working hard to make positive changes for our City.

Results: Motions, Actions, Advocacy

I’ve followed through on my 2014 campaign promises. I’m proud of what I accomplished in my first term working alongside residents, community organizations, and local businesses. Learn more about some of my selected accomplishments as a City Councillor:

Affordable Living

Vibrant Neighbourhoods

Sustainability and Inclusivity



Fight for affordable living

Victoria is facing an affordability crisis. We must take bold action to ensure that everyone has access to affordable and appropriate housing.

Cultivate vibrant neighbourhoods

We need to work collaboratively with residents and support efforts to make our neighbourhoods healthy, vibrant places to live.

Build a sustainable, inclusive, city

The Victoria we love can be a city for everyone, including future generations.

Work for effective regional governance

We need our regional government to deliver the housing and transportation solutions Victorians urgently need.

"He has demonstrated a strong commitment to vital issues"

Andrea Paquette, President, Stigma-Free Society

As a voter and someone passionate about our Victoria community, I have had the opportunity to partner with Jeremy on a number of community projects. I admire his pro-active leadership in creating inclusive communities and making a concerted effort in the realm of advocating for mental health in the City of Victoria. Jeremy leads with his heart, yet he has a keen intellectual understanding of what the community of Victoria needs. He has demonstrated a strong commitment to vital issues such as de-stigmatizing homelessness, addictions, mental health, LGBTQ+ and he instils understanding and acceptance in his approach. I encourage Victorians to vote for Jeremy - he exemplifies compassion and an unrelenting commitment with a proven track record as a dedicated and effective City Councillor.

"He is working to build my kind of Victoria"

Dave Morris - Speaker, Teacher, Improviser, and Theatre Company Director

Jeremy Loveday is working to build my kind of Victoria. A Victoria where artists can afford to live, where families can afford to live, and where future generations will be proud to call home.

"He conducts himself with honesty and transparency"

Ben Cram - Small Business Owner, Fernwood Coffee

I have known Jeremy as a long time customer in our cafe and through his involvement in community events in the neighbourhood over the years. As a small business owner, I have found Jeremy to be very responsive and proactive in helping us navigate the challenges of operating in Victoria. He conducts himself with honesty and transparency, and in my experience follows through on his promises.

"Someone who truly cares"

Sharlene Law - Executive Director Umbrella Society

When I am deciding where to cast my vote, I look for candidates that are honest, transparent and engaged in our community. Over the past four years I have seen Jeremy at numerous events and fundraisers; I have seen him knocking on doors and I have seen him tackling important and difficult issues. However, when I saw Jeremy engaging with the residents of our recovery house, listening to their hopes, fears and genuine concerns, I saw someone who truly cares, and is a strong voice for everyone in our community. Jeremy has brought positive changes to Victoria in his first term; I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in his second term!

"Jeremy has boundless energy for his constituents and has a passion for leadership and public life"

Justine Semmens - Resident of Vic West & President of the Victoria West Community Association

Jeremy has boundless energy for his constituents and has a passion for leadership and public life. His platform aims right at the heart of what families and communities in our city need: affordability and livability, healthy and happy families, and a robust civic culture that makes people want to come together as neighbours and citizens. He has served Vic West exceptionally well as councillor liaison and has worked hard to see that our needs are heard and addressed by the City. I look forward to seeing what his vision brings us over the next four years. 

The opinions expressed here are the author's own.

"I am impressed with his kindness, work ethic, and genuine desire to help create solutions"

Britt Buntain - Small Business Owner, Picot Collective

I first met Jeremy back in 2014 when he was first running for City Council. I am impressed with his kindness, work ethic, and genuine desire to help create solutions for affordable housing and food security. Alongside those priorities, I have spoken to him about how the Create Victoria Arts and Culture Master Plan is going to help create vibrancy amongst the creative community. I know he is a great candidate for representing the population of Victoria that are renters and want to be able to raise a family in Victoria, and those are interested in pursuing businesses that lead to thriving neighbourhoods. His mandate for ensuring that affordable units are available in all new real estate developments shows his commitment to adopting the needs of the residents of Victoria as the city grows. I'll be voting for Jeremy Loveday on October 20th!


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